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The Full Story

About Chelsea

Chelsea is a multi-lingual, multi-national writer about to publish her debut novel. Born in the US and raised in Europe, she currently resides in southwest Ohio with her two- and four-legged family. 

Her favorite things to read are historical fiction, fantasy, magical realism and dark comedies, with a few classics (ahem, Jane Austen) thrown in for good measure.

She is an avid supporter of National Novel Writer's Month, and is an active member of Central Ohio Fiction Writers.

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What To Expect

Chelsea combines her love of history and storytelling with her drive to tell the stories of the bold, badass women who lived it.

Her ADHD and endless curiosity don't let her stay in one era for long, so her readers can know to expect something different with every story.

Things Chelsea Loves

-Cheerleading women



-Swear words


-Belly laughs


-Supporting humanity above politics, always



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